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About Us

BeGlobe Investment L.L.C as one of the most active player in the field of projects finance in the MENA ; with an experience of more than 20 years in GCC and North Africa markets.We have a vast high level contact list and our approaches are always unique that allow us to deliver a creative finance solution for the projects which under our management. BeGlobe as a well-established financial and investment arm of our group in MENA which is specialized in the sectors of financing,acquisitions,private equity and engineering financial services are looking forward to a fruitful business relationship with your company that will bridging,conquering and expanding the business of your company in U.A.E market.


BeGlobe Investment works hard to contribute to a sustainable future, while providing economically sound services to our clients. We believe that creative consultancy is Free™, which means that over our business relationship’s life cycle with Clients, a consultancy services is worth more, costs less to operate, and provides a healthier environment for the relationship with our partners when it is more reliable and more creative. In cooperation with our clients, employees and business partners, we ensure that incorporating consultancy comes at no net cost.

All BeGlobe Investment staff either have or are working towards a unique investment approach and professional proposals. In our efforts to continuously improve environmental performance, we focus on proactive environmental management even in our own operations. This includes the businesses we own, Financing services, Real estate’s development, Trading, Green technology and Sustainability, and Engineering services. We focus on eliminating waste in our purchasing, optimizing consumption, creating business process efficiencies and buying environmentally preferable products and services.

Our Services


Our Main activity in Beglobe group is the financial services which includes all the needs of the GCC market, such as funding projects, private investment packages, formation of new companies , buying existing and running business.

We gain our reputation in the market as one of the leading financial management and consultant firms.

As main sector in our company we formed To follow and research all the financial changes in GCC and the world ,managed with a talented and experience team in the financial services , to give our clients and partners the latest transparent consultancy based on real and updated financial info world wide

Engineering Services

As a well-reputed firm we are offering our clients a unique approach and creative solutions of comprehensive entities of sustainability, green, quality and resources saving which will optimize the output of the building and assure a profitable income. In this field we are promising the following

  • • Design and Consultancy
  • • Finance Solutions of the Projects
  • • Business Development Consultancy
  • • Feasibility Study and researches
  • • Projects Management and Engineering Services including construction
  • • Market Penetration Strategy
  • • Selling and buying


Technology is now part of every one life in personal and in corporate fields, so we give the technology sector special importance in our group as separate department and as well to serve the other departments in the group in modern way with the best available technology methods available.


In our expansion plan we give Egypt special care as a development market and as it match our future business plan, we started in Egypt with the F&B sector and we have a very promising plan going on.



Trading is the major activity in all the business, so we have to keep it as part of our plan. Even if it’s not one of our main activities in the group for now.

Related to technology but from the origin side of life we have a vision of investing in new agriculture methods concentrating in water resource saving and helping our partners to produce best organic products in the best cost possible

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  • Phone : +97165723322
  • Email : basel@beglobe.mobi
  • Website : www.beglobe.net